It was a close battle, but not close enough to save the life of Wasp, who absent mindedly stumbled into a sticky web of bum spun silk while ‘Mother Teresa’ (as the spider had become known) sat waiting in the corner. There were other deaths, the Centipede was bitten in two pieces by Beetle and the Slinky Black Thing With Legs. This glorious act of teamwork must have put the black fear of

death into Mother Teresa, who until that point had managed to knock back any attackers with her multiple legs. If the two insects could have teamed up again, this time with a healthy dose of courage, and come at her from different strategic angles, who knows what minature bloodless screeching carnage could have been witnessed by the dozen students who had turned up that evening. As it was they wandered around and were eventually replaced by black stains some days later, although no body witnessed the violence.

Wasp had had a promising start and tempted several spectators into betting money on its victory. Such advantages such as ‘
flight’ and ‘sting’ proved worthless however, against the inevitable, slow passing of time and a craftily bummed web trap. Mother Theresa was the only one to scurry away from this alive, she was released in a bike shed, where she will spend the rest of her retirement. Well done to all the contestants!

© 2004