Insect Battledrome is bigger than a
few minor staged events in Glasgow.
It is a worldwide craze in hibernation, . . awaiting glorious ejaculation onto the . . kids of the planet. It is also an almost.. . .
limitless mine of products. From
clothing ranges, (already available,
click HERE) to pokemon style collectable trinkets and fact cards, lunch boxes, TV shows, Insect catching and transportation devices, not to mention the Battledrome’s themselves. An entire range, from ecconomy to deluxe, new Battledrome’s being released each season with extra shiny ones at Christmas. I can see Argos devoting an entire page to the Insect Battledrome range, the same way they do for Lego and Action Man. I can see children fighting each other in the playground like they do over marbles and pokemon. I can see single mothers harrassed to tears while they microwave Findus crispy pancakes for their
frothing Battledrome obsessed
offspring. I can see my bank
balance, and me in a jaquzzi
surrounded by beautiful, rich

And so this is my attempt to reap the financial whirlwind I, and Insect Battledrome so obviously deserve. First of all, by sending off proposals to toy and game manufacturers, then moving on to television, all the while trying to squeeze more tenuously related products and services out of the Battledrome brand. This page will change with time and as developments come in I shall keep you updated. And remember, if it’s not official Insect Battledrome merchandise, a great misfortune will fall upon you and your family. .