The interior of The Meat Planet is a volatile place. The molten meat temperatures and strong internal tides throb and push against the tectonic continental masses. Earthquakes are commonplace and volcanoes of pyroclastic meat frequently explode across the landscape, showering all around in boiling, delicious lava. Sizzling igneous meat cools and forms new land masses, replacing and rejuvenating the cooked layers below.

The potato-shaped moons which orbit the raging globe also help to churn its turgid core and maintain the planet’s nauseatingly unsteady axis.

The Meat Planet’s high gravity has led to a concentration of the heavier elements, such as iron, nearer the centre of the unheavenly body, resulting in the solid iron core that gives the world it’s protective magnetic field. This not only prevents it’s pungent atmosphere from being blown away into space by solar winds but also gives shelter to it’s rudimentary ozone layer, protecting the surface from being sunburnt by UVC light.