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Placebo: Max Strength
Proven to be as effective as the leading homeopathic treatment.

Placebo: Max Strength has been shown to be effective in the treatment of pain, depression and large variety of illnesses.

Placebos work by harnessing the power of the mind. Knowing that you have taken what appears to be an effective medicine helps boost your body's own healing process. Since the effectiveness of placebos have been shown in countless medical trials, taking
a Placebo: Max Strength should work for you too.

16 Capsules


£14.99 +p&p
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"A nocebo reaction or response refers to harmful, unpleasant, or undesirable effects a subject manifests after receiving an inert dummy drug or placebo. Nocebo responses are not chemically generated and are due only to the subject's pessimistic belief and expectation that the inert drug will produce negative consequences." - Wikipedia

Now for the first time, Nocebo is available for sale direct to the general public! Despite containing no active ingredients whatsoever, Nocebo can cause a wide range of undesirable effects, from nausea to diarrhea, that is because it's potency lies entirely inside the human brain! Nocebo merely suggests that it is bad for you, your brain and body does the rest!

Try Nocebo today! You'll almost certainly regret it.

£9.99 +p&p
Available to buy from Etsy

The image to the left was the prototype, the above bottles are the finished products.

Placebo: Max Strength - Darren Cullen (2012)

Nocebo - Darren Cullen (2012)