Since modern man’s victorious accent to the top of the food chain and his retreat to the cities, Mother Nature has found it difficult to challange his survival instincts the way the lion attacks and generic volcano explosions of yesteryear used to. Aside from the fear and panic that can be caused by plauges and other small microbes, the odd fox eating a baby or people falling into zoo compounds, that daily fight against the Earth’s other animal competitors has become as leisurely as chopping up worms or drowning a cat.

However, in order that the human race should not become too complacent in it’s triumphant millenia long reign, town planners have seen to it that our lives carry at least some of the life or death decision making excitement that made us so much better than the other animals, even before we had guns. Whether intentional or not, the dark corners, subways, alleyways and secluded dark pavement areas of every town give the modern pedestrian perhaps his only real excitement of the day, even if he doesn’t regard it particulary pleasant. Walking home at night; under bridges, past gangs of drunk adolecents, turning a corner in a poorly lit subway - knowing that any minute you could find yourself thrown to the floor, Reebok classics stamping on your face, wallet ripped from your trousers and a knife in your guts. Your senses become highly alert. Every sound and movement is assesed, every fellow pedestrian becomes a potential attacker, taking the place of the tiger or vulture of eons past. You plan quick contingencies in your head, your brain is suddenly called upon to make some pretty important and exciting decisions.
Which is the best escape route?
Would my keys make an effective knuckle duster?

But then, more often than not, you are through the other side and onto safe territory, breathing a sigh of earned relief and feeling the sweat cool on your skin. You survived! And with this feeling you carry on the relief felt by your ancestors when they outran that sabre tooth elephant or punched that snake. Even in these days of anti-bacterial face wipes you felt the fear of death.

I decided to amplify this experience for my fellow pedestrians, in areas of the city were it already takes place - without increasing the risk of actual attack. By leaving various objects and liquids in these already scary areas I intend to frighten, alarm and terrify as much, or hopefully more than all the rollercoasters, horror films, bunjee jumps and asphixiation fetishes in the world.